CWMF offers a complete line of RAP and RAS systems that allow you to capitalize on the necessary cost savings to compete in this competitive market. We understand that there are several options to be applied to these systems.  We offer our Tremor series screens, liner packages and grizzlies to name a few options. We offer any and all of them to accommodate your needs.

We have also kept you, the user in mind. Our stationary and skid-mounted line are designed with the ability to add a second or third bin. With this ever changing industry, it has become a common occurrence.

Our unique feeder belt mount design allows for belt removal or replacement without requiring you to remove the feeder. If your preference is vulcanized or mechanical splices, these can be premade and installed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional designs. We also offer a wrap drive system on the collector belt. This eliminates the over-hung load of traditional drive set-ups keeping the drive near the ground, allowing for maintenance to be done safely.


  • 1/4″ bin wall construction
  • 10′ x 14′ & 10′ x 16′ are the standard sizes
  • Steep sloped walls minimize build-up
  • 36″ and 42″ feeder belts are utilized
  • Vertical discharge wall
  • Adjustable slide gates to allow accurate metering
  • Self-relieving throats allow for proper flow of material
  • Multiple options are available upon request