Dust-Eater® Baghouse

The critical component to any asphalt plant, CWMF is proud to offer the Dust-Eater pulse-jet baghouse. The Dust-Eater baghouse is offered in a portable or stationary configuration. Ranging in size from 10,000 CFM to over 100,000 CFM.

Featuring the industry’s largest inlet knockout area as standard equipment makes our system a leader in efficiency. This 7′ x 10′ x 12′ inlet area equipped with a series of deflectors and louvers minimizes the amount of larger fines (+200 mesh) from entering the bag chamber. This allows the unit to collect the finer particulate for efficiency. It also aids in prolonged bag and component life.

Our bag spacing, smooth internal structure and the air space between the wall/bags give us an advantage when it comes to cleaning the media. The large bag centers allow the dust laden bag to adequately drop the dust to the removal point when pulsed. The smooth interior wall surface eliminates air turbulence, thus minimizing bag abrasion and increasing the bag life as a result.  Having 20″ of clearance between the sidewall and the first row of bags along the entire length of the unit, allows air to move throughout the bag chamber. This results in equal air distribution and balanced filtration.

CWMF developed the hose less valve manifold that has been implemented since 1990. With the valve going through the manifold, it not only eliminates problematic hoses, it also allows us to mount the manifold directly on the plenum. The radiant heat from the baghouse prevents any valve freeze-ups in cooler climates.


  • 3/16″ shell construction
  • Inlet deflectors
  • Side wall louvers
  • 7′ x 10′ x 12′ inlet knockout box
  • 2 ½” spacing between bags
  • Hose-less valve manifold