CWMF’s Revolution D series drum mixer is designed with the end user in mind. We offer portable or stationary units in just about any size. If you are looking for a new or retrofitted drum, we can provide you with a drum that meets your demands and is built to last.

Our Wedgelok tire suspension system provides an adjustable application to eliminate labor intensive adjustments to the tire. All non-welded tire suspension systems require adjustments at some point in time. The Wedgelok incorporates an inclined plane. It allows you to adjust your tires concentrically in a fraction of the time vs. shimming. This design has been locking tires down for over 20 years.

Since 1992, CWMF has been incorporating a single point/center pivot trunnion adjustment assembly. With a skewed trunnion base platform and a pivot pin located at the center of the trunnion base platform, you ensure full-face contact with the trunnion and tires. Traditional designs offer you point on point contact of the tires and trunnions once any adjustment beyond neutral is made. To aid in the adjustment, our adjustment arm is located 2′ from the pivot. This mechanical advantage eases the adjustment process.

Along with the implementation of our center pivot/single point adjusting trunnion bases, we incorporate the TimkenTM AP bearings. With extraordinary radial and thrust load properties, these bearings are second to none.

Our portable drums come equipped with an articulating sub-frame. This keeps an equally distributed axle weight in unequal road profiles.

Being a leader in the retrofit market, we are accustomed to building our drums to several different specification requests. Whether it be our unique liner package, drum thickness, flighting layouts, etc., we are here to suit your needs.


  • Wedgelok tire suspension system
  • Center pivot/single point adjustment trunnion bases
  • TimkenTM AP bearings